“The Mouse”
Long listed for 2021 CBC Nonfiction Prize, fall 2021

The New Quaterly, Waterloo, winter 2019

“Ghost Girls: Part 3”
The Smart Set, Philadelphia, April 2018

“Ghost Girls: Part 2”
The Smart Set, Philadelphia, March 2018

“Ghost Girls: Part 1”
The Smart Set, 
Philadelphia, February 2018

“In Every Direction, Only Water”
Gulf Coast, Houston, fall 2017

“You are a Body of Water”
Slice, Brooklyn, September 2017

The Malahat Review, Victoria, summer 2017

“The Backroads”
EVENT, Vancouver, 2016


“The Men Under the Sea”
Funicular Magazine, Edmonton, June 2021

“Dog Days”
Carve Magazine, Dallas, August 2018

Carte Blanche, Montreal, October 2017

“Worry Doll”
, Ottawa, summer 2017

“Angle of Return”
The Rush Magazine, Los Angeles, 2017

The Matador Review, Chicago, 2016

“The Stone”
Petal Journal, Toronto, fall 2017

“Private Chaos”
SubTerrain, Vancouver, 2005


Gena Ellett’s Writing Space
The New Quaterly, Waterloo, summer 2019

What We Talk About: An Interview with Carve Magazine
Carve Magazine, August 2018

Step Five of Twelve: Kate Kennedy in Conversation with Gena Ellett
Malahat Lite, April 2018

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