Gena Ellett’s Writing Space The New Quaterly, Waterloo, summer 2019


The New Quaterly, Waterloo, winter 2019


Scan 114
“Dog Days”
Carve Magazine, Dallas, August 2018

Greenshot 2018-10-06 12.22.12“Ghost Girls: Part 3”
The Smart Set, Philadelphia, April 2018

Greenshot 2018-10-06 12.19.35“Ghost Girls: Part 2”
The Smart Set, Philadelphia, March 2018


Greenshot 2018-10-06 12.21.01“Ghost Girls: Part 1”
The Smart Set, 
Philadelphia, February 2018


Scan 111“In Every Direction, Only Water”
Gulf Coast, Houston, fall 2017


Scan 113“You are a Body of Water”
Slice, Brooklyn, September 2017


Greenshot 2018-10-06 12.16.11

Carte Blanche, Montreal, October 2017


Scan 115
The Malahat Review, Victoria, summer 2017


Greenshot 2018-10-06 12.29.09

“The Stone”
Petal Journal, Toronto, fall 2017

Scan 116.jpeg“Worry Doll”
, Ottawa, summer 2017

Greenshot 2018-10-06 12.32.55
“Angle of Return”
The Rush Magazine, Los Angeles, 2017


Greenshot 2018-10-06 12.35.23“Butterfly”
The Matador Review, Chicago, 2016


Scan 112

“The Backroads”
EVENT, Vancouver, 2016


Scan 117.jpeg

“Private Chaos”
SubTerrain, Vancouver, 2005



What We Talk About: An Interview with Carve Magazine
Carve Magazine, August 2018

Step Five of Twelve: Kate Kennedy in Conversation with Gena Ellett
Malahat Lite, April 2018





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